The company is still evaluating its CMA and SPA architecture to determine which will underpin its first all-electric models.

Volvo is reportedly moving forward with plans to launch its first all-electric model sometime in 2019.

The company is still evaluating its Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) and Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platforms to determine which will underpin its first all-electric model, according to a Green Car Congress report detailing Volvo EV powertrain senior director Mats Anderson's comments at a recent SAE symposium.

Previous reports suggest Volvo's first EV will ride on the CMA architecture, which will be shared with the company's upcoming small models such as the XC40. The SPA platform, used for the current XC90 and S90, is expected to be used for the second EV in the lineup.

Engineers are currently developing Modular Electrification Powertrain components that can be used across the range of EVs, spanning from 134 horsepower to nearly 600 ponies. The technology will support battery pack configurations of up to 100-kWh, likely delivering around 300 miles of range for a crossover or even longer range in a lower-riding model.

The Swedish marque has already revealed to 40-series concepts that hint at exterior styling for the CMA-based EV. The 40.1 previews a crossover in the spirit of the XC40, while the 40.2 (pictured) is presented as a lower-slung vehicle such as the next V40 or S40.