Volvo has announced a new twin-turbocharged diesel 2.4-liter, five-cylinder engine for the S80 sedan. With 205-horsepower and 420 Nm of torque (about 310 lb-ft.), the engine is said to be capable of about 38 mpg while meeting strict Euro 5 emissions standards. Though not expected to go on sale in North America, European Volvo buyers can expect to buy S80 D5s with the new engine later this year.

The diesel powertrain will also see duty in the upcoming, redesigned S60 sedan, as well as the workhorse V70 wagon.

The engine uses twin turbochargers, ceramic glow plugs and piezoelectric fuel injectors to help motivate the S80 and to cut down on fuel consumption. Entirely crafted from aluminum, the engine is light weight and, with transverse cooling, keeps the cylinder head and engine block more uniform in temperature than a typical diesel for improved reliability. The twin turbos are different sized, but together deliver 26 PSI pressure across the rev range.