The division will be responsible for building more than 300 charging stations in 15 metro areas, with a cross-country network of more than 200 chargers.

Volkswagen has established a new unit, named Electrify America, that will be responsible for spending more than $2 billion in zero-emissions investments that were promised in the company's diesel emissions settlement.

The division has outlined a broad plan to build at least 300 charging stations in 15 metro areas, including L2 or DC Fast Chargers with 50-150+ kW of charging energy.

The company will also develop a high-speed cross-country network of DC Fast Chargers, consisting of 200 or more individual stations throughout the US. Locations could include apartment complexes, office parks, retail zones or municipal properties.

"Initially, we plan to focus on charger installation in metro areas that could benefit from increased charging infrastructure (e.g., densely populated) and highly trafficked cross-country highways," VW says on its Electrify America website.

Funds will also be spent on awareness initiatives focused on EVs, charging availability and electric mobility. The final goal is a 'Green City' program that aims to test sustainable mobility, such as a ZEV-based shuttle service, in a yet-to-be-named California city.

"Other promising ZEV initiatives, such as hydrogen fueling stations or national ZEV car-sharing or ZEV ride-sharing services, will be considered in later investment cycles," the company added.