The company is working to change a culture that allowed managers to dodge accountability.

A Volkswagen executive has shed light on the company's efforts to reform its corporate culture in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal.Speaking to Reuters, VW's new head of human resources, Karlheinz Blessing, suggests the automaker has suffered from a culture that allowed managers to dodge accountability and sometimes failed to direct responsibilities to those best qualified for such jobs.

"Good ideas are worth nothing if they fail because of structural blockades," Blessing said. "Not only the values must be right but also the structure."

To achieve its reform goals, the company is said to be paring down a multitude of committees. Managers will also be shifted between different roles throughout their career.

An unnamed insider told Reuters the efforts have not yet succeeded in changing from a culture in which "the search for those who made mistakes" takes precedence over "the search for the mistakes," though Blessing has only been on the job since January.

"It may take a bit of time," he cautioned.