Certain navigation-equipped 2013 model year Volkswagens will come standard with a four year subscription to SiriusXM Traffic, a service that shows road condition information through the vehicles' information displays.

VW says that the SiriusXM Traffic subscription will come standard on vehicles optioned up with its RNS 510 and RNS 850 navigation head units. The RNS 510 unit is available on a variety of VW products, while the RNS 850 is exclusive to the range-topping Touareg. SiriusXM Traffic can display current road conditions, including speed flow information, and it displays accident and road closure updates. The service works with VW's navigation to redirect vehicles if it senses road closures or heavy traffic conditions on a pre-selected route.

VW is not the only automaker to offer SiriusXM Traffic, but its multi-year subscription service is much longer than most free trials.

RNS 510-equipped VWs also include a three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM's Travel Link, which adds information like nearby fuel prices and weather forecasts. All SiriusXM-optioned VWs will continue to come with a three-month satellite audio package.