VW is jumping on the Alexa bandwagon.

Volkswagen has announced that it is joining a growing list of automakers that will offer compatibility with Amazon's Echo devices. Ford, Hyundai and BMW has announced similar initiatives.

However, unlike systems announced by other automakers, VW's system will interact with Amazon's Alexa without an intermediary device, such as a smartphone app. For example, when at home VW owners will be able to ask their Alexa to report the fuel level in their vehicle. When on the road, VW owners will be able to control smart home commands, such as turning on the porch lights.

VW says its system will use next-generation voice recognition software that is capable of learning. Overtime the system will become familiar with regular commands or preferences.

"Volkswagen and Amazon share a common vision around voice as the future, it's a safe and natural way for us to interact with the vehicle," John Scumniotales, general manager for Amazon Alexa Automotive, told Automotive News.

VW hasn't announced when its Alexa-compatible system will land, but it will likely launch in the company's new Tiguan SUV.