VW's upcoming Jetta Hybrid will be positioned as a premium offering.

Volkswagen won't price its 2013 Jetta Hybrid until later this year, but Leftlane has learned that the gas-electric version of the compact will be positioned as a premium offering.

While we have yet to uncover actual pricing for the Jetta Hybrid, VW officials have confirmed that the hybrid model will sit atop the Jetta range. Given the Jetta's current range-topper, the GLI, starts at $23,745, the Jetta Hybrid could start at around $25,000.

Of course part of that price increase is due to the addition of an electric motor and battery pack, but VW is also planning to load the car with plenty of content. The Jetta Hybrid will receive the soft-touch dash from the top-spec SEL Premium model and the multi-link rear suspension system from the performance-minded GLI.

Other up-scale touches will also be on offer, including larger wheels to replace the Jetta Hybrid's standard 15-inch rollers.

The 2013 Jetta Hybrid is scheduled to hit the market sometime during the fourth quarter, so look for an official announcement on pricing sometime before that.