What happens when you mix an aircraft carrier and a dream garage? You get this.

Remember just a few years ago how captivated America was by the lavish lifestyles exposed by MTV's Cribs, or before that Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach? Well, HGTV is taking a similar path, but this time they are limiting the focus to a single "room."

In this case, the "Million dollar room," as the show's name suggests, is actually a $6 million room...and that room is actually a garage with an aircraft carrier-grade lift capable of lifting 250,000 pounds. (Via Autoblog).

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Once the elevator drops its occupants and vehicles to the lower floor, one is greeted by 6,000 square feet of spotlessly clean garage space without a single pillar in the way. That means that Tom Gonzales, the owner, can drive his 45-foot RV inside with room to spare. But the underground garage is only part of the $6 million cost, as there is also an above ground garage filled with over 100 motorcycles.

You may be wondering why the vehicles shown in the garage seem so, well, ordinary, and why the owner would build such a massive and expensive garage to house Chryslers, Jeeps, GMCs and Chevrolets (and an Audi)? At one point in the show Tom did mention that he had "millions of dollars worth of cars" in the lower garage. Further hinting at a few more gems, when the host of the show asked Tom what other toys he had, he smirked and said "a few" and the pair began walking towards another door down in the underground garage.

Although not covered in the show, Channel 8 Entertainment, which filmed the show, clarified online that Tom has previously housed a $30 million collection of cars in lower garage, but had moved the cars to a new location not long before filming. It's unfortunate, because rumor has it the collection included a mint McLaren F1, a Ferrari F50, Ferrari Enzo and more.

In the meantime, we can rest assured that with each time Tom enjoys his elevator, the $25 worth of electricity the process consumes is being put to good use as it appears to put a smile on Tom's face each and every time he uses it.