The car required 280,000 bricks.

Earlier this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, McLaren revealed a life-size version of their 720S supercar built entirely out of Lego bricks.

Now, the company has revealed in video how the build, consisting of 280,000 Lego bricks, was accomplished. Builders began with a base and rudimentary frame for the wheels (the wheels and tires were real, not made of Legos). On top of that was a lattice frame built out of Legos, before surrounding the frame with the shape of the car. About halfway up from the ground, it appears that beams were laid across the Lego frame for extra support.

The effort was no simple feat, with the extensive use of computer programs to guide placement. A steady flow of crates in which bricks were assorted by color and size were brought in like the parts carts in a real factory. And of course, mats were laid down on top of finished structures to protect not only the car, but the builders as well from the dreaded sharp corners. Impressively, it appears areas like the hood were sturdy enough to support an adult human.

It took 2,000 hours to complete the build, but the last 13,000 bricks were added by visitors to Goodwood, raising ‎about £2,700 ($3,500) for charity as a result. As reported, the Lego car weighs 3,200 pounds, quite a bit more than the 2,828 pounds of the actual car. Watch the build video below.