a Texas woman has created one of the most amazing stories we have ever heard.

They say that stupidity knows no bounds, and the story of 61-year old Houston resident Lynn S. Keesler seems to uphold that theory.

Keesler was driving through Burley, Idaho on January 15 when she was stopped by a police officer for an unknown reason. While Keesler had the ear of the officer she asked for directions to a hotel located just north of Burley, which is where the trouble began.

The deputy gave her directions, instructing that she would have to cross a bridge over the Snake River to get to the hotel. That little tidbit about the bridge, however, went in one ear and and right out the other.

After driving a little further Keesler noticed a body of water by the side of the road. For whatever reason Keesler assumed the water was the Snake River and decided to cross it - even if there wasn't a bridge in sight.

The Snake River was actually a dairy wastewater pond, and Keesler found herself - along with her rented Hyundai Elantra - stuck in the muck.

While most people might exit their vehicle in search of help, Keesler did the exact opposite. She told authorities that she had always been instructed to stay in her vehicle if she ever got stranded, and that's just what she did.

Keesler reported that she flashed the vehicle's lights and honked its horn until the battery eventually gave out, but no one ever came to her rescue. Apparently the area didn't have any cell phone service because Keesler spent the next "three to five days" stranded in the car, surviving off of peanut M&Ms and bottled water.

Keesler probably would have remained in her car until she expired, but rising water eventually forced her out of the car. She exited the vehicle and walked the short distance to the house of Todd Jorgenson, who immediately called the police.

Keesler was none the worse for wear, saying "she just wanted a warm bed and a bath." The Elantra, however, was a write-off as it was completely submerged under water when authorities arrived. The dairy told police that it began filling the ponds two days earlier.

Adding an appropriate twist to the story, Enterprise Rent-A-Car said Keesler rented the car on December 8 and was to return the car by January 5. Keesler was "saved" from the dairy pond on January 22.