The world's car count is expected to more than double by 2035.

A new report predicts there will be 1.7 billion vehicles on the world's roads by 2035, more than double today's current level. Not surprisingly, China will account for most of that growth.

According to a new report from the International Energy Agency, demand from developing regions will see a boost worldwide car ownership from about 870 million today to 1.7 billion by 2035.

China is currently home to about 60 million automobiles, according to The Detroit News' account of the 670-page report, but the IEA predicts that number will jump to 400 million over the next 23 years. India is also primed for an explosion of car ownership, with the country's 14 million vehicles expected to balloon to 160 million cars by 2035.

Although governments and automakers have begun a push for electric vehicles, the study says that internal combustion engines (both hybrids and non-hybrids) "will continue to dominate the passenger light-duty market through to 2035."

However, the report indicates electric vehicles will gain in popularity after 2020. The IEA says that Evs will account for just a 1 percent of carbon emissions reductions by the end of this decade - compared to 10 percent for hybrids - but that electric vehicle emissions reductions will surpass hybrid reductions by the year 2035.

More electric vehicles will likely be necessary as the United States is expected to adopt a 60mpg fleet average by 2035, up from 54.5 mpg in 2025.