Records are meant to be broken, some say, but when records involve jumping monster trucks, more than records will break in the process. Much more.

Some world records require little more than a little planning and a simple get together with a bunch of like-minded Prius lovers, others require strapping yourself to a 1,450 horsepower monster truck and launching yourself darn near to the moon.

Personally, we find the second kind of record breaking attempts to be much more entertaining than seeing who can assemble the most hybrids at one time.

In this instance, crazy man Joe Sylvester climbs behind the wheel of his Bad Habit monster truck and sets out to break the 202 foot world record for longest distance jumped by a monster truck.

As you will see in the video, there is more to successfully pulling off a massive jump like this than lots of horsepower, big tires and proper suspension. Your long lost friend mathematics has something to say about it, too, and it appears as if the maker of the jump may have missed that memo (or that class).


1.'Breaking the world record...' view

2.'Bo Duke make it look...' view