However, it is only available at the company's experience centers and not for sale.

Despite a 67-year production run, the famed Land Rover Defender was only offered in the US for five of those years. Unless you or someone you know owned one of the few sold between 1993-97, you'd have to go overseas to off-road one. Until now, that is.

Land Rover has announced that the short-wheelbase Defender 90 is now part of its "Experience Drives" program. These programs are either a half or full day long, and allows customers to learn off-roading skills with an instructor. A full range of Land Rover products are available, but the Defender 90 is the only one that is part of the Heritage Program and not sold new.

The drives cost $1,200 for a half day or $1,500 for a full day and can be undertaken at one of three experience centers located around the US: Carmel, California; Manchester Village, Vermont; and Asheville, North Carolina.

Previously the Defender 90 was only available to be driven at one of Land Rover's international experience centers, located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. There are a total of 35 centers around the globe.

The Defender was canceled for the US market in 1997 when federal regulations regarding airbags and crash bars came into effect, and Land Rover was not able to sell the model here without prohibitively expensive modification to the vehicle's design.