Sunday  / July 24

last updated 4:50 pm


8 hrs ago

Meet Graham, a man that's evolved to withstand car accidents


10 hrs ago

US military considering modified Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux, Ford Ranger

The trucks will be made to look stock but resistant to small arms fire.


13 hrs ago

McLaren shoots down rumors of F1 successor

UK magazine Autocar insists the rumors are true.


16 hrs ago

Design sketch reveals Bugatti Chiron's initial design

The Chiron prototype turned heads -- for better or worse.

Saturday  / July 23

last updated 5:39 pm


Honda and Softbank want to create "emotional" cars

The collaboration will work on AI in cars that can read your mood.


GM and Isuzu part ways with pickup collab

Medium-duty truck projects will move forward as planned.


BMW announces 600-hp M5 Competition Edition

BMW is sending off the current-gen M5 with a special model.


Mercedes roadmap confirms rumors, raises questions

Will a two-door GLA join the lineup, or was it a typo?