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Mercedes-Benz engineer builds E-Class monster truck

Fitted with portal axles, this one-off All-Terrain could spawn a limited-edition model.

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Hellcat-powered Prius is a hyper-miler's worst nightmare

The 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 makes 1,000 horsepower in this application.

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Tesla Model 3 caught on camera, speedo-less interior glimpsed

It is apparently the third production model off the assembly line.

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Lexus to build CT successor alongside UX subcompact crossover?

Whatever emerges, Lexus will retain a sub-ES spot in the lineup,

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GM could kill six models as sedan sales continue to fall

The Volt could morph into a crossover.

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Ford says Fiesta won't return for the 2018 model year

"Demand for such vehicles is declining, and we are reacting accordingly," explained one of Ford's top engineers.

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Ford files petition to avoid airbag recall

Ford doesn't believe a recall is necessary for about 2.5 million vehicles.

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Lyft launches its own autonomous division

Lyft is not content to let Uber and Waymo have the autonomous market to themselves.

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Five German automakers swept up in EU cartel investigation

The probe is investigating whether VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes worked together to cheat on diesel emissions.


UAW worried about slumping sedan sales

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is worried about the impact the decline of sedans will have on jobs in the United States. "We are tracking it and we are addressing it," UAW president Dennis Williams told Reuters. He added he's in talks with General Motors to find a solution that would preserve as many jobs as possible.   


Ford Fiesta axed in America

Ford has confirmed it will stop selling the tiny Fiesta in the United States. "In North America, especially the U.S., the demand for such vehicles is declining, and we are reacting accordingly," the company said.   


GM launches in-vehicle app development tool

General Motors announced Friday the launch of its GM Dev Client--an in-vehicle testing app which gives authorized developers the ability to test their applications in an actual GM car. Interested developers can register at developer.gm.com.   


2018 Infiniti Q50 to start at $35,105

Infiniti announced Friday that the 2018 Q50 2.0t PURE model will start at $34,200 plus destination. The range-topping Red Sport 400 AWD will start at $53,000 and the 360-horsepower Hybrid at $50,600.   


Next Jeep Wrangler getting power sliding hard top

Jeep is serious about modernizing the Wrangler. The next-generation model -- which is known as the JL internally -- will be optionally available with a power sliding hardtop, a first in the model's long history.