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UK moves to ban new gasoline, diesel engines in 2040

In the meantime, local governments have been urged to reconsider speed humps and traffic-light timing to improve traffic flow and consequently reduce emissions.

13 … 17h

Toyota Mirai's hopes dim as East Coast refueling stations stall

Only 708 units were sold in the first half of the year, all supported by less than 30 refueling stations located throughout California

48 … 19h

US court says former VW exec will plead guilty

Oliver Schmidt is one of two people arrested in the US for an alleged role in the VW emissions scandal, though several others have been indicted.

11 … 21h

Model S regains top Consumer Reports safety rating

CR had criticized the company for temporarily downgrading its automatic emergency braking system.

42 … 22h

First drive: 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport [Review]

Hyundai tries to woo the CUV crowd with a European five-door.

28 … 22h

Report: Toyota solid-state EV battery can charge in 'minutes'

The technology is said to be on track for production in a long-range EV by 2022.

0 … 23h

MINI EV to debut in 2019

BMW Group announced expansion of its electrification strategy.

18 … 23h

Analyst: German automakers could face $48B in cartel fines

Volkswagen Group alone could be forced to pay up to $22 billion, the analyst says, suggesting the scandal could be as costly as the emissions debacle.

52 … 1d

German VW TDI owners face canceled registrations without fix

Germany government may de-register vehicles if they are not updated with diesel fixes.


Suzuki Swift Sport to debut in Frankfurt

Suzuki has announced it will introduce the new Swift Sport this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Hotter than the standard Swift, it's expected to get a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine rated at 140 horsepower.   


Italdesign's next project is a Chinese tram

Stepping outside of the automotive industry, Italdesign has announced its next project is designing a tram for the city of Guangzhou, China. The company explains the final design "presents a modern take on classic stylistic traits from Cantonese tradition and culture."   


Floyd Mayweather selling rare Koenigsegg

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is selling a rare 2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. It's one of two examples built, and it's the only one that's street-legal in the United States. Mecum Auctions reports it has only 1,947 miles on the clock.   


Continental previews the robot taxi of tomorrow

German components manufacturer Continental has released an experimental cube that previews the taxi of tomorrow. As you'd expect, the Cube is fully autonomous and electric. It's being tested on private roads in Frankfurt, Germany.   


Forza 7 cars list revealed

The first 167 cars that will be available on Forza Motorsport 7 have been revealed. Highlights from the list include the Lamborghini Centenario, the Lotus Carlton, the McLaren P1 GTR, and Porsche's Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid. The PC and xBox versions of the game will go on sale on October 3rd.   


Tesla Model 3 getting card instead of key?

Tesla fans believe the Model 3 will come with a key card instead of a traditional key fob. Similar the plastic card you get in hotels, it represents another way Tesla managed to cut costs to make the 3 its most affordable model yet.