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Cheaper Honda Civic Type R coming next year?

The lineup will allegedly include a base model in 2018.

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Hyundai crosses Antarctica in a Santa Fe

The journey complete's Ernest Shackleton's 1916 expedition with his great-grandson.

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Volvo hints at 20-series models

The 20-series cars would slot at the very bottom of the Volvo lineup.

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BMW: dual-clutch automatic living on borrowed time

BMW also forecasts the end of the manual transmission in the M3 and the M4.

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Next Mercedes-AMG CLA45 to top 400 horsepower?

Executive comments suggest AMG engineers have developed an even more potent 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

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GM reveals Chevrolet FNR-X hybrid concept for China

The crossover concept is significantly toned down from the wild FNR concept that debuted last year.

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GM to launch 10 EVs, plug-ins in China by 2020

GM is among several automakers planning an electric onslaught in the world's largest automotive market.

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BMW has concepts for hybrid supercar; no production commitment

An executive cautions that 'other issues' currently retain a higher priority.

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Tesla owners sue over 'defective' Autopilot

Plaintiffs claim the cars steer out of lanes, lurch, slam on the brakes for no reason and fail to slow when approaching other vehicles.


BMW sees the end of three-pedal M cars

BMW predicts the end is near for M-badged cars equipped with a manual transmission. "I'm not even sure the next generation of M3 and M4 models from BMW will have the option of a manual gearbox," conceded Peter Quintus, M's vice president of sales and marketing.   http://bit.ly/2oT50Kx


ZF expands Shanghai engineering center

German supplier ZF invested 50 million euros into its Shanghai, China, research and development center. Opened on April 18, the new facility now stretches 170,000 square feet. ZF hopes the investment will allow it to capture a bigger share of the nation's mobility market.   


China's GAC prepares to go global

Chinese car-maker GAC Motor is ready to expand into international markets, according to the general manager Yu Jun. "We will launch the star models of GA8 and GS8 to overseas markets, providing high-quality products and services for international consumers," he told newspaper China Daily. The brand plans to re-name its Trumpchi brand in the United States.   


Fiat dealers in Italy invoiced for inventory they didn't order

Fiat dealers in Italy are speaking out over having their inventories stuffed with cars they never ordered. According to Automotive News, multiple dealers claim to have been invoiced for thousands of Tipos and Ducatos they did not order, and accused Fiat of including configurations of the slow-selling Tipo that are difficult for dealers unload.   http://bit.ly/2p0cKc4


BMW EV chargers are coming to a National Park near you

Keep an eye out for new EV charging stations in America's National Parks, thanks to an infrastructure project partnership between the National Parks Service and BMW. Don't expect to find one at Isle Royale or Dry Tortugas, as BMW is prioritizing those parks in reach of existing EV markets.   http://bit.ly/2oRVmaQ


VW sentenced to three-year probation

Volkswagen was sentenced to a three-year probation by a U.S. judge as a result of its diesel emissions scandal. During this period, Volkswagen will be subject to independent monitoring. German authorities are still investigating the automaker, and further penalties will likely be enforced overseas, Reuters reports.   http://reut.rs/2oZkGKw


Honda all but confirms CR-V Hybrid for US market

"We have already announced our intent to electrify core volume models, including light trucks," the company told Green Car Reports. "CR-V will logically be a part of that, and we'll announce timing for the U.S. at a later date."