Chevrolet Blazer on track for 2018 debut

Chevrolet is preparing to resurrect the Blazer nameplate, but it's not gunning for Ford's born-again Bronco. The first Blazer in over a decade... READ STORY

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Volkswagen to reinvent Scirocco as an electric car?

Electrification could give the Scirocco a new lease on life.

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Volkswagen reveals T-Roc compact crossover

The new model focuses on personalization and a modern 'expressive' design.

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Audi introduces new naming scheme with two more numbers

Models will keep their primary names -- from A1 to Q7 -- but will receive two additional numbers that indirectly reference horsepower output.

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Study: Lane departure warning drops fatal crashes by 86 percent

Researchers suggest if lane-departure warning tech was installed in all passenger vehicles, it could have prevented 85,000 accidents and 55,000 injuries in 2015 alone.

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Audi develops solar car roof to extend EV range

The company plans to use thin-film solar cells in panoramic glass roofs to help run the air conditioning system or seat heaters.

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FCA considering Maserati, Alfa Romeo spinoffs?

Parting ways with the niche brands is said to be aimed at attracting mainstream automakers for a potential buyout.

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Ferrari reveals Portofino to replace California T

The new V8 GT boasts an additional 39 horsepower and promises to launch from zero to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds.

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Merkel backpedals; "we need to restore trust in diesel"

Germany's chancellor has seemingly changed her mind about the diesel engine.

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Great Wall says it might not buy Jeep after all

The Chinese company admits it hasn't managed to contact FCA yet.


Chery not interested in acquisitions

China's Chery plans on increasing its global footprint without resorting to acquisitions. "We are open for cooperation as always, but fundamentally, we have consistently organically grown our markets by our own capability and sometimes with cooperation," said CEO Chen Anning.   


Ariel working on 1,180-hp electric hypercar

British company Ariel is hard at work on an electric all-wheel drive model that will boast at least 1,180 horsepower, Autocar reports. It will be capable of sprinting from zero to 100 mph in 3.8 seconds -- no, that's not a typo. Production is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2020.   


Mazda highlights how fourth-gen Miata was born

Mazda has shed insight into how it designed the fourth-generation Miata, including sketches of early design studies. The roadster could have gotten a more expressive design, but it also could have received a pure, retro look inspired by the first-generation model.   


Nissan previews new Leaf's tail lights

Nissan has released a teaser image that shows the new Leaf's tail light, though we've already seen them thanks to amateur spy shots. The second-generation model will be fully unveiled on September 5.   


Audi developing solar roof for cars

Audi has teamed up with China-based Alta Devices to develop solar panels which can be integrated into a panoramic glass roof. The energy generated will be used to charge electric cars. Audi hopes to start production at the end of the year.   


Jeep could revive Scrambler nameplate

The pickup version of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler could revive the Scrambler nameplate, according to enthusiast website JLWranglerForums. The name was last used in 1985 on Jeep's last body-on-frame truck, the CJ-8 Scrambler.   


Opel Insignia GSi to debut in Frankfurt

The star of the Opel stand at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show will be the Insignia GSi. It's the Buick Regal GS' Euro-bred cousin, though it settles for a turbo four instead of a V6. Sales will start in the coming weeks.   


Volkswagen says Formula 1 is too expensive

Volkswagen issued a stern warning to Formula 1 officials. "Formula 1 is on a dangerous path. It is expensive. Most of the teams, apart from the big four, have financial problems," said Volkswagen Group director Bernhard Gobmeier in an interview with Motorsport.   


2006 Lamborghini Concept S sells for $1.3 million

The one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Concept S built in 2006 has just traded hands for $1.3 million. The brand in initially planned on building 100 examples but it stopped after just one was assembled because the project was far too expensive.