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Boring Co details DC-to-Baltimore Loop proposal

by Justin King

The company wants to start with a 35-mile stretch from downtown DC to downtown Baltimore, beneath the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Boring Co has outlined a specific proposal for connecting Washington DC to Baltimore, Maryland, via an underground Loop.

The startup wants to dig a set of parallel, twin tunnels that run for approximately 35 miles from downtown DC to downtown Baltimore, following a route beneath the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

"This transportation system would create a significant public benefit due to decreased commute times, decreased urban congestion, decreased public transportation trip times, decreased transportation costs/fares, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions," the company says.

Passengers would be transported on electric skates at speeds of up to 125-150 mph, each skate carrying between eight and 16 passengers or a single passenger vehicle. The full-length trip is expected to take approximately 15 minutes.

Boring Co suggests the project can be completed in just 12-20 months, depending on the speed of the boring machine, and will be completely privately funded. Digging would be under public rights-of-way, except for tunnel boring machine "launch pits" and emergency exits that will be located on private property owned or controlled by Boring Co.

The company admits that it must still deal with a long list of government agencies before the project can move forward. The list includes the Federal Highway Administration, National Park Service, Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency, among others.