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Amazon offers in-car delivery for GM and Volvo owners

by Byron Hurd

Subscribers with newer vehicles can have Amazon packages delivered to their cars.

Amazon announced the roll-out of "Amazon Key" Tuesday, marking the availability of the new in-vehicle delivery service for owners of newer Volvo, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with active Volvo On Call or OnStar subscriptions.

The service allows subscribers to have packages left in their eligible vehicles as long as they're in a public, accessible space, "[...] such as on the street in front of an apartment building, at a workplace surface parking lot or in a home driveway," GM's announcement said.

So far, the service is available in 37 U.S. cities and is compatible with Amazon's same-day, two-day and standard delivery options at no additional charge for Prime members. Users can track the package's progress and will get notifications when delivery is imminent and after the vehicle has been re-locked.

Amazon Key requires an Amazon Prime account and an active OnStar or Volvo On Call subscription and must download the Key app. Availability is limited to newer vehicles because it requires compatibility with remote locking technology and app integration; owners can check availability via www.amazon.com/keyincar.

We have offered in-car delivery in Europe since 2015 through programs in the Nordics and Switzerland, and we believe that receiving packages should be as easy and convenient as ordering them online," said Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, vice president of consumer connectivity services at Volvo Cars.

"Partnering with Amazon to leverage our embedded in-vehicle connectivity gives Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac owners the option to conveniently receive deliveries inside their vehicle parked at home, work or near other locations in their Amazon address book," said Alan Batey, President, General Motors North America.