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Apple testing second-largest self-driving fleet in California

by Justin King

With 55 vehicles now registered, Apple is now testing more autonomous cars than Waymo in the state.

Apple has quietly expanded its fleet of autonomous test vehicles in California, registering more cars than Waymo and Tesla.

The Cupertino-based company has received permits for 55 vehicles and 83 drivers, according to numbers obtained by macReports from the state DMV.

General Motors' Cruise division is currently the top player with 104 vehicles and more than 400 drivers. The company has centralized its operations in San Francisco before expanding elsewhere.

Waymo, the apparent leader in the nascent industry, operates a fleet of 51 test vehicles in California. The number does not reflect Waymo's total fleet size, however, as its test program is initially stationed in Arizona.

Previous rumors suggest Apple has narrowed its ambitions in the automotive industry, initially considering in-house development of an autonomous car but later deciding to focus on software.