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Here's what it's like to sell a car on Bring a Trailer [Video]

by Drew Johnson

We breakdown the BaT selling process.

The internet has provided car enthusiasts with many, many wonderful things — this Web site included — but its chief benefit to petrol heads has undoubtedly been the ability to search the world's car inventory from the comfort of your own home.

But while great, that vast network of vehicle listings wasn't perfect. Most car selling sites were tailored toward your average buyer, forcing car enthusiasts to wander through various classifieds hoping to stumble upon something cool and interesting.

But then came along the site Bring a Trailer. Initially, Bring a Trailer, or BaT for short, was the online version of the group text you've had with your car buddies for years — the site would post only unique and unusual vehicles they discovered for sale on sites like eBay and Craigslist. BaT quickly became a one-stop shop for anyone interested in cars.

The only problem with the site was that you couldn't actually buy the cars listed on BaT from BaT. Instead, you had to contact the seller who might live in Timbuktu and have no interest in selling a vehicle long distance. Sensing an opportunity in the market, BaT decided to start auctioning off the kind of cars they were already listing on a daily basis.

BaT's auction service was an instant hit, both with buyers and sellers. It was also a success with casual browsers of the site who became valuable resources for vetting vehicles listed for sale via the comment section. It really was a win-win-win.

That was four years ago and, today, BaT is as popular as ever, with more than 150 vehicles up for grabs at any given time. But despite that widespread popularity, few people have actually gone through the BaT buying or selling process. Today, we thought we tell you what it's like to sell a car on Bring a Trailer.