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Driver survives for a week after Jeep crashes over 200-ft cliff

by Justin King

The survivor reportedly drank radiator fluid to stay alive until she was found by hikers.

An Oregon woman has been found alive after crashing her Jeep Patriot over the side of a 200-foot cliff near Big Sur, California.

Angela Hernandez went missing while driving to her sister's house in Lan Caster County when she lost control of the vehicle on Highway One and dropped over the side of the cliff. She told investigators she had swerved to avoid an animal.

Authorities had initiated a search but it had been fruitless until a week after the crash when a pair of hikers spotted the demolished Jeep partially submerged in the water and heard her scream for help.

Hernandez suffered a shoulder injury and concussion in the crash. Early reports claimed she survived by drinking coolant fluid from the Jeep's radiator, however she later clarified that she had used a radiator hose to collect fresh water from moss. Most automotive antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which can be fatal in doses of just a few hundred milliliters, though some formulations use safer propylene glycol.

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office has scheduled a press conference later today to discuss additional details of the rescue.