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Dodge Journey, Grand Caravan facing uncertain future

by Ronan Glon

The Chrysler 300 will likely retire, too.

Fiat- Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) left out Chrysler and Dodge when it presented its five-year plan in June of 2018. One of the company's top executives has shed valuable insight into what the future holds for both brands.

"Dodge's role is to be prominent as America's sports car brand. That's what we've labeled it in the past few years and I truly believe that's where the brand is at today and where it's headed for the future," said Steve Beahm, the head of FCA's passenger car brands, during a recent interview with Motor Trend.

He added some vehicles might not fit that image in the long run. The Journey, the Grand Caravan (pictured), and the Durango have a role through the 2019 model year but he refused to confirm what happens next, leading to speculation that all three models could retire without spawning a successor. The Journey and the Grand Caravan were introduced in 2008 and 2007, respectively, so they've just about reached the end of their life cycle.

Beahm revealed Dodge considered reviving the Magnum but decided against it. Similarly, he echoed comments made recently by FCA boss Sergio Marchionne about the Viper's future -- or lack thereof. "The Viper is not in the next five-year plan," he pointed out.

Chrysler, on the other hand, is a brand that now specializes in people-movers like the Pacifica and the 300 doesn't fit that image. The sedan will also keep going through the 2019 model year but Beahm refused to comment on whether it will return in 2020. He suggested the Chrysler brand will survive, however.

"We're looking for other opportunities. It's my job to find ways for that brand to grow," he summed up.