By Drew Johnson
Wednesday, Jun 24th, 2009 @ 1:28 pm
Bright and early this morning, the UK publication MCN (Motorcycle News) printed unofficial "official"ť photos of Hond's upcoming V4 (VFR1200) 1200cc sports-tourer motorcycle in its print issue - leaving web readers in Great Britain scrambling to find a copy. Not having access to the article, we're speculating that studio images of one proposed version were leaked - one way or another.

But as fate will have it, we caught the real thing today. And we caught it in action. At speed. And detailed photos as well - even if motorcycles aren't normally Leftlane's bag.

We're not sure if the VFR1200 will reach dealerships here in the United States, but these pictures are proving to be big news around the globe.

In addition to the ultra-modern styling, MCN mentions a variable-cylinder engine (cylinder deactivation), which will increase the fuel economy and lower harmful emissions.

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