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Steering wheel 'separation' prompts Hyundai Santa Fe recall

by Justin King

A supplier\'s botched production run can cause the steering wheel hub to break, allowing the wheel to detach from the steering column.

Hyundai has issued another recall for the 2018 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport, addressing a problem with the steering wheel hub assembly.

The company received a field report in November claiming a steering wheel separated from the steering column in a Santa Fe Sport. A second incident in Korea prompted a deeper investigation, eventually tracking the problem to a batch of hubs that had been damaged during manufacturing.

"To date, Hyundai is aware of only two incidents alleging the subject condition," the company wrote in its regulatory filings. "Hyundai is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition."

Service technicians will be instructed to inspect the lot numbers on steering wheel assemblies and replace defective components.

The 2018 and Santa Fe Sport is subject to two other recalls, one related to front coil spring fractures and another involving side curtain airbags.