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Koenigsegg teases Agera successor

by Justin King

The company is already looking down the road after the Agera and Regera have sold out.

Koenigsegg has released the first teaser sketch for its next vehicle, presented as a successor to the Agera.

The company revealed the sketch at a celebration event for a new showroom in Australia.

Showing the new vehicle in Australia was appropriate, as both of the company's current models -- the Agera RS and Regera -- have been completely sold out. The mystery teaser consequently provides the first glimpse of the only model available for new customers to buy.

The new model will presumably follow the Agera's focus as a street-legal car that is geared for track performance rather than creature comforts. To top the Agera RS, the car will likely have more than 1160 horsepower.

Koenigsegg's upcoming supercar will make its official global debut early next year in Geneva.