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McLaren notches 5,000th vehicle delivery in North America

by Drew Johnson

McLaren hit a major sales milestone this week.

McLaren's North American operations reached a major milestone on Thursday, delivering the company's 5,000th car to a customer in California. Car number 5,000 was a Silica White 570S Spider, delivered to Dr. Gary Leach.

McLaren Automative sold its first retail vehicle in North America in December 2011. Back then McLaren had just one offering — the MP4-12C — but the company now has several model lines, including the 570S Spider and higher-performance models like the 720S.

"From small beginnings back in 2011, we have firmly established the McLaren range of sportscars and supercars as class leaders that appeal to a wide range of discerning enthusiasts," said McLaren North America President, Tony Joseph. "The 570 series has become a strong seller, helping us double our sales, and the accolades bestowed on the new McLaren 720S have helped create a backlog of orders that we will fill during 2018."

It likely won't take McLaren as long to sell its next 5,000 vehicles. McLaren now has 22 retail outlets in North America and plans to add more in the coming months. The company is also planning to launch another 12 cars by 2022.