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Following crowd, Mercedes-Benz to offer subscription ownership

by Justin King

Multiple subscription tiers will allow subscribers to swap between various cars, SUVs, convertibles, and AMG models.

Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to join some of its peers in offering a subscription-based ownership service.

Known as Mercedes-Benz Collection, the program will allow subscribers to pay a flat all-in rate for access to a list of vehicles that can be regularly swapped. The monthly rate covers insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance and unlimited mileage.

Different tiers will be available, encompassing a broad range of cars and SUVs along with more unique models such as roadsters and higher-performance Mercedes-AMG vehicles.

The company has developed a mobile app that allows users to initiate a vehicle exchange. A concierge then follows up to finalize delivery details. It is unclear if the concierge is a Mercedes-Benz employee or representative from partner dealerships.

The service will launch as a limited pilot program by June in Nashville and Philadelphia.