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Mitsubishi could build two-door Eclipse Cross

by Ronan Glon

A Ralliart-badged model is also possible.

Mitsubishi is eager to introduce additional variants of the Eclipse Cross that debuted just a few days ago at the Geneva Auto Show.

At launch, the Eclipse Cross lineup will only consist of the standard, four-door crossover (pictured). However, Mitsubishi executives are debating whether to build a sportier variant with just two doors in order to reach a new set of buyers.

Turning the Eclipse Cross into a coupe is expensive, so the company warns the project will only get the proverbial green light if the four-door model is a hit.

"The three-door version is interesting, that is my opinion," revealed Hiroshi Yamauchi, the program director of Mitsubishi's C- and D-segment cars, in an interview with Australian website Motoring. "But business-wise it is difficult due to small unit volume," he conceded.

Another possible off-shoot is a more powerful crossover that could revive the storied Ralliart nameplate. The model would get more horsepower, a stiffer suspension, and an aggressive-looking body kit. It would help fill the void left by the Lancer Evolution, though it wouldn't be extreme enough to be considered a direct replacement.

Yamauchi concluded it's still too early to decide what's next.

"I think [a Ralliart model] is one option, but first I want to get the feedback from the market and then I will decide which direction should be on the life-cycle management," he said.

Photo by Ronan Glon.