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Tesla fleet travels 1.2B miles with Autopilot engaged

by Justin King

Tesla\'s vehicles are also estimated to have counted 1.6 billion miles in \'shadow mode.\'

Tesla's vehicles have driven more than 1.2 billion miles with Autopilot engaged, according to an ongoing MIT study.

The total includes 800 million miles on vehicles equipped with Autopilot hardware v1 and 400 million miles on vehicles with hardware v2+.

For reference, the MIT team estimates the total Tesla fleet has driven nearly 7.9 billion miles.

Tesla also operates a "shadow mode" that collect data streams that can be used to train neural networks, even when Autopilot is turned off. This mode is estimated to have been active for nearly 1.7 billion miles.

The average Tesla vehicle is driven nearly 32 miles per day, with an average 7.9 miles of Autopilot engagement.

"This puts the percentage of miles that Autopilot operates an Autopilot-capable vehicle at 24.9 percent," the study's authors note. "This is very much a conservative estimate that falls 10+% lower than everything we've seen in our MIT-AVT dataset, but much more details on that at a later time."

The team is studying Autopilot and other autonomous driving systems to analyze how humans are interacting with the technology and how successful it may be at reducing crash rates.