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Tesla Model 3 update enables Summon, Wi-Fi, overheat protection

by Justin King

The company is also preparing to roll out a paid tier for \'Premium\' internet connectivity.

Tesla has rolled out a significant software update for the Model 3, catching up with features that have been available on the Model S and X.

The Model 3 now supports Tesla's Summon feature, automatically into and out of a parking spot without a driver behind the wheel. The vehicle also supports Wi-Fi connections as an alternative to integrated LTE service, along with cabin overheat protection.

"When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle," the company explains.

As Model 3 production slowly ramps up to full volume, the automaker is preparing to shift away from free internet connectivity for all vehicles. Buyers will soon face two tiers, a free standard package or a premium subscription that will be necessary for certain data-heavy features such as live traffic and satellite overlays in the navigation app.

The company has not yet confirmed pricing for the premium connectivity upgrade.