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Toyota to make Supra-related announcement in Goodwood

by Ronan Glon

Will we see the full car, a prototype, or something else?

Toyota's European division will make a Supra-related announcement during this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. The firm's Tweet asks more questions than it answers, however.

Toyota posted a picture of a fully-camouflaged Supra prototype on its official Twitter account. The camouflage is more colorful than the black and white wrap we're used to seeing, it was clearly printed to get attention, but it nonetheless does a great job of hiding the car's overall design.

The announcement suggests we'll see the Supra in the metal at Gooodwood but that might not be the case.

We expected to see the Supra at the 2018 Geneva auto show. Instead, Toyota gave us a concept showing a variant of the car in full race regalia. Company officials hinted the next-generation Supra wouldn't make its full debut until early 2019, and we have no reason to believe that time frame has suddenly shifted by six months.

Reading through the lines suggests the camouflaged prototype Toyota posted a picture of on Twitter will participate in the famous hill climb held every year during the Festival of Speed. We wouldn't bet on seeing the Supra without camouflage during the event but we could be wrong.

Stay tuned; the festivities start on July 12th.